Société : SFIL
Type de document : Information relating to a transaction : Information Releases
Date de publication : 29 November, 2021 00:00:00

  • Sfil : SFIL 2021 EMTN 3 GREEN

    Issy les Moulineaux, 29 November 2021


    SFIL has decided to issue on 1 December 2021 – Euros 500,000,000 Notes due 1 December 2031.


    The net proceeds of this issue will be used to finance and/or refinance, in whole or in part the Eligible Green Loans as defined in the SFIL Group Green Bond Framework which is available on the website of the Issuer.


    The dealer of the issue is named as stabilizing manager in the applicable Final terms.


    The Base Prospectus dated 21 May 2021 and the supplement to the Base Prospectus dated 18 November 2021 relating to the Euro Medium Term Notes Programme approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers are available on the website of the issuer (, at the registered office of the issuer: 1-3 rue du Passeur de Boulogne – 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux Cedex, France, and at the office of the paying agent indicated in the Base Prospectus.


    The Final Terms relating to the issue will be available on the website of the AMF (, at the office of the issuer and at the office of the paying agent.






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